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Michael Chhabra

Science & Technology

From futurism to consumer technology, Michael Chhabra is a close follower of innovation and change.

Michael Chhabra PortraitMichael Chhabra is a business and law professional based out of Washington, DC. He has focused on taking the complex process of tort law and revolutionizing the industry, helping to bring more efficient customer service to those that have suffered from defective drugs and medical devices.

After attending The Ohio State University and earning his degree in business administration, Michael found tremendous success evolving his family’s lead generation business and exiting with $4 million. Though he had anticipated becoming involved in criminal law, Michael found a market need for better tort law services. By 2014, he was working to acquire thousands of leads through call centers. In this capacity, his firm became the effective middleman to lawyers working in mass litigation.

Soon after, Michael Chhabra worked to represent clients suffering from transvaginal mesh injuries. He saw an opportunity to provide patients with the recompense they deserved while fighting back against pharmaceutical corporations that they’d otherwise be powerless against. He and his firm represented over 14,000 clients, with a mass tort firm acquiring the leads he had generated. In the end, the case was successful, with billions of dollars paid out to victims and medical support provided for them.

Since then, Michael has remained active in gathering information on other mass litigations in the pharmaceutical industry. To that end, he started a nonprofit called Justice Guru, looking to reach out to victims and support them in their times of need. They’ve become involved in litigation against carcinogenic products such as talcum powder and Roundup.

Michael Chhabra has also expanded his involvement in the legal industry, becoming a partial owner of four DC-based law firms. He brings a business-oriented perspective to these firms, applying the latest CRM technology to keep clients in touch with lawyers in an unprecedented way. He also grew his lead generation business into a standalone company called Law Firm Headquarters, selling the company and working to represent those that may not have any other avenues to make their voices heard.

Michael is always looking for ways that the tort law vertical can improve, working to treat clients with respect and provide them with top-notch representation. On his blog, read about the latest verdicts impacting the industry and the histories and trends of tort law.

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